Vivocyclo, online cycling magazine.

With partners FietsersbondVeeloSyntra Midden-Vlaanderen and Decca, we are the leading online cycling organisation that communicates on cycling & mobility.

That’s why Vivocyclo has a strong connection with local retailers. Bicycle retailers receive a login and can, for branding purposes, put their local offer online.


Many local cycling retailers are swamped in work and don’t have the time to take care of marketing. Also, making a online community without any external help, is to much work for one or 2, maybe 3 people. Connecting your local stock to Vivocyclo, is the best way to show your -actual bikes in stock- online.


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De Koers, about cycling and life.

Many people are fond of soccer. What about cycling? A few years back Sporza asked us why young people aren’t more enthusiastic about cycling and The Tour of Flanders. We managed to do something about that.

With a fresh branding, we started to organize cycling events in Ghent, Antwerp and Brussels. We invite a professional cyclist and talk about how he/she lives with cycling on a daily schedule. Every evening is recorded so people who don’t get on the event, can watch it online.


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“We strongly believe in the importance of local cycling retailers.”

Fietshotspot collects bicycle retailers in Flanders and The Netherlands on 1 website. We gather innovative bicycle shops in Flanders and The Netherlands. The bicycle shops must 3 criteria:


  1. They offer excellent service during and after sales.
  2. The stores have an innovative look where the bicycle is in the spotlights and where bicycle experience receives extra attention.
  3. The bicycle shop is also represented online on social media, on its own website and on external websites.


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Some projects for Brandwerk clients.

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