About Brandwerk

A niche service in a fast growing branche.

Mobility is one the most biggest issues in our social environment. It’s always has been innovative, but today people are asking questions. ‘How can we be mobile and give ourselves the same luxury of transportation, but don’t make huge consequences on our planet?’ The bicycle has always been an answer to fast transport in cities. Technology is moving super fast and media today is nothing like it was during the fifties.

Our interest in these 3 domains have evolved to an offer where we communicate about ‘cycling’ in an ‘innovative market’ through ‘media’.

“We believe in cycling, the product and the goal. By communicating positive, ‘cycling’ becomes a better word and a part of the solution for this world.”

Rembrand Neirinckx 

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We are also developing internal projects all around cycling. Some are temporary, others have a-long-term vision.

Connecting people, is what we do in the cycling industry. If you think one or more projects can be combined with your business. Let us know!

Talk about Cycling!

We invite a professional cyclist, talk about life and have a beer. That’s the concept. We organize these events in Ghent, Antwerp en Brussels.

Every event is vide-recorded. Alle video can be found online.

Have a look at dekoers.be.

Talk about bikes!

Vivocyclo is a online magazine all about bikes and local retailers. We inform, advise and talk about bikes. Read more …

Have a look at vivocyclo.com.