Some projects (2018)


We create cycling projects, reach your audience and make your brand or event a success.

After a 2-year break, the Brompton Benelux Championships were back! This event was held in the centre of Antwerp. Fun and joy, while riding 7 km on a Brompton Folding Bike, in dresscode. Pretty neat. Check out the website and see you next year?

‘De Week van de Mobiliteit’ is a big deal in Belgium. This project of Komimo VZW stands in partnership with a lot of mobility organizations. Cycle Chic (Fietsersbond VZW) puts cyclist on a pedestal. With a defining branding and style of photography, this organization takes pictures of cyclist in Flanders. With this video-campaign we managed to activate people to come to these photo-event-places.

‘Koersen in de Groote Oorlog’ is a new exposition in ‘Centrum Ronde van Vlaanderen’. To launch this expo, we created 3 video’s. Our video-crew took care of shooting interviews with Björn Leukemans, Peter Van Petegem and Puck Moonen.

#dezwaarsterit was used as a link to The Great War. 3 small social video’s were made for communication purposes. The interviews on video are expo-quality. When you walk into the expo, you can watch them.

8 Cycling Stores in Antwerp, iBike is leading retailer for Riese & Müller and other quality cycling brands. Two times a year, we deliver a full-content (incl. design) paper magazine with tips & tricks on iBike brands. Mobility is the centre of this communication.

New branding to reach a bigger audience was needed for paper magazine of Fietsersbond Vlaanderen. ‘Veelo’ was born. This 3-monthly magazine is full of Brandwerk content and links to the VeeloMag website. As an example of partnerships, Vivocyclo delivers content to Veelo and vice versa.

De ‘Retro Ronde’ is one of the biggest retro-events in Europe. Evolved from a idea of Jowan, 2.000 participants cycled 40, 75, 100 or 160 km in de Flemish Ardennes on their old-fashioned bike. Don’t forget, you have to prove your bike is from the ’60’s, ’70’s or 80’s. So, no carbon!

Reference ‘Fietsen De Geus’, is expanding in Berchem. For this, we created a social media campaign and video. Video’s represent the two bike-shops (Antwerpen Berchem).