social content, video, teaching, copywriting, connecting companies in a cycling environment


We are happy to influence mobility today by

communicating on cycling.

1. We provide social content for cycling brands.

In copy, photo and video, we improve your online engagement.

On Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn on a daily basis, depending on your needs and budget. We share our social calendar where you or your employees can add content. We are your social cycling partner.

This is an on-going service with a monthly payment.

2. We make video with a touch.

For each project we get the right videographer. For events, for commercial video’s, travel, we make short and long video’s. Our productions tell a story about you (and) or your business.

From video to social to sales. That’s our main strategy to launch your video-project. We make stories, keeping in mind what’s the average view rate on your social media. The personnel strategy increases your view rates.

Most of our clients want to show what cycling is about: fun, freedom and ‘new mobility’.

3. We teach better marketing skills.

Online media is too important to leave sideways. The cycling branche is – really sorry to say – old-fashioned. New businesses need to think about how to be tell their story. We are the media. That’s why we teach new entrepreneurs in the cycling branche. An intensive training on marketing, social media and storytelling is what we offer for the next generation cycling entrepreneurs.

via Syntra Midden-Vlaanderen

4. We prepare youngsters to be safe in traffic of tomorrow.

Out of, we teach 10-year-olds how to ride their bike and maintain their bike in good condition. In cooperation with local cycling retailers, we created a full-package for elementary schools in Belgium.

Why? These children are the future of our traffic system. We need to educate youngsters how to behave and use every kind of transport.

5. We create content and design for magazines and paper.

Online is hot, but offline experiences has a comeback. While a lot of companies are fixing on online, offline media still had one advantage. You reach non-digital people. Also, the digital wave has a opposite effect. So, don’t forget offline.


We write, we draw your offline communication threw magazines and papers.

6. We write marketing strategies for cycling events and companies.

Concrete. You have an idea, you’re awesome in what you do. You know how to do it, when you gonna do it. That’s great. Unfortunately, your idea needs visibility. That’s where marketing comes in. Get noticed on original way, target your main audience, get to know your audience and your idea becomes a business.

We have the vision to put your idea visible.


Get in touch for a personal meeting.

7. We connect cycling companies and organizations.

Cycling meets technology. Companies are facing difficulties in getting (big-)data on how people move. Our network of people and organizations, active in IT is a link to cycling companies. Do you want to know where the future is headed? Let’s meet up for a chat about what other companies can do for you.

9. We take care of cycling for tourists., is a project where hotels can rely on a high-end service bike maintenance. We rent out bikes to hotels in Ghent, Bruges, countryside and the coast of Belgium. Next to rent out our own ‘Fietsevolutie’ bikes, these hotels can buy there own bikes with branding purposes. Clients rely on a day-one maintenance. If there’s a problem with one or more bikes, we ensure that the bikes will be fixed the same day or the next day.


8. We organize in-house cycling projects to expand our network. is an online platform where local retailers are the core. Next to informing about cycling in general, we give local cycling retailers the opportunity to expand their potential online. That’s why we created a sub-website where they can add their cycling products that are actually in the store. For these stores, this is a great timesaver. They don’t need to create audience content or take care of a technological platform.

Via, is a project in cooperation with Brandwerk. We invite professional cyclists in a relaxed environment. We host these evenings in Ghent, Brussels and Antwerp. Our host, Marc Peeters ( is having a chat about cycling and life.

Brandwerk delivers video for these events. Every evening can be viewed online.