Help wanted.


A hands-on environment for students who want flexibility to learn how to communicate and organize cycling projects online & offline.

You are following (final year) a Marketing education, Communication or similar.

  • Learn how to set up a project.
  • Learn how to make sponsorships
  • Meet new people.
  • Tell the story of cycling brands.
  • Learn how to get things done.
  • Improve your Adobe skills.
  • Make phone-calls.
  • Set-up mailing-campaigns.
  • Make video.
  • Sell your idea.

That’s pretty much what you will do here.

For 2018: 3 places OPEN (October – December)

For 2019: 2 places OPEN (March – May)


Videographer? Photographer? Copywriter? Join the Brandwerk network of freelancers and get projects. Make that project the best of your portfolio. Be flexible and awesome, not cheap.

  • Get projets within your capabilities.
  • Get paid.
  • Edit your shootings.
  • Shoot your edits.
  • Get to know how to shoot cycling.
  • Tell a story threw photo and video.
  • Be online.
  • Work with others.
  • Make phone-calls.
  • Charge your phone.

That’s what freelancers do at Brandwerk.


For the moment, we have no full-time open vacancies.

We’re growing. Come back another time or contact us if you really think you can make a difference.